Sunday, May 22, 2016

Get Braille Enabled Cards At Esha

Esha is one of the many blind NGO's in India, but they also have a special service that sets them apart.
    A significant feature of business nowadays is to rope in as many potential customers and clients as they can. India, being such a large country, has more disabled citizens than most other counties. When such a large portion of our population is disabled, business would need to expand their methods of communication so as to accommodate the needs of these people. When an employee from an organization interacts with potential clients, they tend to hand over business cards or visiting cards which contain details such as their business address, phone number, email address, and designation in the organization. Those cards are the best way to widen a customer base to those who are visually impaired. By printing the same details on a business card in braille, the customer base is widely expanded. This also subtly tells potential clients that you are playing a part in developing our community as the work of making the cards is outsourced to blind professionals, so they can earn a sustainable livelihood.
   You can get your very own braille visiting cards commissioned by Esha by clicking here. In comparison to other braille business card printers, Esha does it a very reasonable cost, as well as the fact that you would be directly contributing to the welfare of blind professionals by giving them a chance to earn a sustainable livelihood, while you get benefits in return as well.
To see more about how braille benefits the lives of countless visually impaired people, watch the video in the link here.

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