Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CLABIL outreach @ Sai Bhoomi - Kanhai Village and Rao Ram Singh School - Sector 45 !!!

After our exciting journey with Tour de Vision we have geared up for CLABIL outreach project with Esha. The day one of the outreach program was very eventful. We were able to receive the feedbacks and observations of 50 kids, also educating them with topics they weren’t aware of, through our audio books. The audience was 8th standard students from Rao Ram Singh High School and Primary kids from Soil Alumni Initiative (SAI) Bhoomi. The diverse feedback, views and observation recorded today will be extremely helpful for the team to keep in mind while collecting/recording audio files in future. 

The prominent feedback from the Rao Ram Singh School in Kanhai Village, Sector 45 Gurgaon was that the language used in few of the audio files (Hindi/English) was quite rich. It would have been further effective if the contents are recorded using simpler vocabulary. The students also said slowing down the speech rate would help them in grasping the content, as they get quite distracted while listening to an audio file. The School uses Hindi as a medium of instruction, hence the students were able to receive the contents in Hindi much effectively than the English files with rich vocabulary. 

Apart from meeting the objective of the project, the experience we had at both the schools were amazing. The students were very supportive and the energy they displayed was infectious that has boosted us to further proceed with the project.

We asked the students basic questions related to the content to know if they had prior knowledge about the subject. ‘Fundamental duties of an Indian Citizen’ was one such. The students had very basic knowledge about the same, post listening to the audio for a couple of times they were able to summarize and point out the sections and the duties.

SAI Bhoomi kids enjoyed the Akbar Birbal stories and they also had complete fun reciting the poems and panchatantra stories.  
Rao Ram Singh School @ Sector 45 Gurgaon 

Rao Ram Singh School @ Sector 45 Gurgaon 

Kids at SAI BHOOMI - Kanhai Village reciting rhymes

Students with eyes closed listening to the audio content

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