Friday, January 22, 2016

Founder's Note - Why Tour De Vision is Important

Some of you have participated in a Blind Walk perhaps. If you haven't, just close your eyes and try to walk at any normal public place - the park in front of your house, a tourist attraction in your city - anything at all. And you will know how accessible our public places are.
I have always maintained that we are a small part of society - small, but hopefully, not insignificant.

When we do Blind Walks, Theater Workshops and our biggest event - Tour De Vision, we take tiny, but important steps towards an inclusive, sensitised citizen population. Every person on the road who thinks about an inclusive road is an important part of an inclusive society.

Our riders raise funds for the cause of Esha (this year, we are focusing on the CLABIL Outreach project), but more importantly, they carry the message of an inclusive society.

When you contribute for your friends, when you share this on our own facebook page, when you hold a braille card in your hand, or close your eyes in the park for 2 minutes, when you count the stairs going up or down - be sure of one thing - what you are doing is not time consuming - and it's very, very significant. Our thoughts make our society. Inclusive thoughts make inclusive societies.

Tour De Vision 2016... More Power to Inclusion!

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