Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why did you start Esha?

"Why did you climb the Mt. Everest?"
"Because it was there."
- Edmund Hillary

I don't know why I started Esha. I also don't know why empowering blindness meant so much. I guess the answer would have to be "Because it was there - the need to empower. The day that need vanishes, I will not do Esha."

Dignity, Empowerment and Enablement - the 3 key words that we live by. We believe in them. We say them over and over again. When people volunteer with us, we first make them unlearn "poor thing" as the first response to disability. We make them experience why the first response should be "Wow" and not "Poor Souls"

That's why we do Esha - because that unlearning is still necessary.. That's why we go to work every morning.. because there is someone out there, who needs to visit the Qutub Minaar but can't see. That's why we do the Blind Walks. That's why we do Braille Cards. That's why we do Theater Workshops. Because there is a 14 year old in a school who will go through this experience, and end his workshop with "Salute!" to the VI population.

God knows why I started Esha. But you know why Esha will continue to run.

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