Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Blind Walk-A Life time experience!!

Esha is part of the Social Innovation Program (SIP) of the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), were the business school partners up with 25 NGOs. The students from SOIL work with an NGO throughout the year identify the critical projects and needs of the NGO and contribute towards fostering its growth. Every year four students from SOIL team up with Esha. This year it was our turn to join hands with Esha and our first task was to conduct a blind walk. We were asked to choose a small stretch in a public place for doing the blind walk.
The experience we had after conducting the walk was incredible. The moment we closed our eyes and started walking towards the target area, which we felt was very close by and easily reachable we were proven wrong. After a few steps we felt it really challenging. We were just guided by our ears.
The place sounded pretty crowded, every step was taken with so much effort not to hit anyone around. The fear that we might fall anytime made it even more difficult. It took us 15 minutes each to cover the stretch which would normally take a minute or two to cover. There was one among us who found it quite easy, as he recently had an eye surgery and had already experienced walking without the support of vision.

The activity also caught the attention of the mixed crowd at Galleria, they were pretty curious as to what was going around. It created a lasting impact in us which would drive us further!! 

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