Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Esha Summer Project is Back!! - Esha Summer Project 2015

Get your children involved in doing a good deed from the comfort of their homes!

Great way to spend summers for children 8 years and above.

All they need to do is to use a laptop/ computer and record audio content for the online library -

Please write to or post a comment here to join the Summer Project.
a) Name of Child
b) Age of Child-
c) Languages Spoken
d) Interest Areas:
e) Recording preference: Academic Content/ Fiction/ Model papers
And of course, do spread the word!

All participants of the Summer Project get certificates that can be used in college admission submissions.

This year, we have an additional component of Field Work - where you can use the content of CLABIL to change a life near you - make a person/group - a guard, a maid, a small school near your house, listen to audio content from CLABIL, and tell us whether it made a difference to them..

Here are some suggestions:
1. Guards near the house: Stories, esp. in their Native languages. Can be given to them in a small SD Card. Most of them have phones that support audio and SD cards. They use that time to listen to the radio. This will be a great value addition. Or Wikipedia articles.

2. Maids: Stories, Wikipedia articles.

3. Children (of maids, at a school near your house, at a mobile crèche near you, at a construction site near you) : Childrens stories, childrens poetry, Asaan Ganit, Learn English through Hindi/Punjabi Stories, Quotations..

Reach out to someone near you. You may not even need to step out of the house to do this.

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