Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thoughts on International Disability Day 2014

As one more International Day for PWD dawns, we are not celebrating. Because we wonder when these terms will change. Suppose it was, International Day to become aware of Disablers? Suppose this were a day when, instead of looking around and saying, "Oh, we must do more for PWD" , we said, "We have been disablers for far too long. That must change TODAY."

Suppose, this day were to dawn differently? Suppose we were to start the day by everyone doing something to enable the world around them? Learn Sign language, pick up Braille, record an audio book, create a ramp near their house or in the colony park, visit a blind school to understand ability rather than disability?

That would be a good start. There is a Hindi saying that goes, "बात करने से बात बनती है " - When you communicate, things happen. But to communicate, we have to speak the same language - suppose we took the first direction towards that communication?

बात करने से बात बनती है.

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