Sunday, December 15, 2013

Celebrating Special Ability..

The images we give to our children in the course of a normal day defines our world for them. and for us. Which is why this effort by Ekansh is sooooo commendable. Time that special ability became a normal part of our lives.. these coloring sheets have me very very enthused..

Do try them out .. here..

And to celebrate the Disability day on Dec 3 (imho, there is no such thing as "Disability Day" . To me, everyone has some special ability - physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, whatever. Some of us need some physical assistance. Some of us need mental help, most of us need spiritual help, and emotional help. )

BUT, since there is a "Dis-ability" Day, we at Esha decided to celebrate it by recording quotations on Ability.

You can find the audio file here. It is free for all.

Coming up: A REALLY BIG update to the online library - we are adding over 100 files at one go!

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