Saturday, September 14, 2013

Esha Achiever of the Month - Mamta

Question :  “Tell me the story of your life in your own Words.”
Answer :
I am a visually handicapped girl, aged 29 years. I was born premature with no vision on July 27, 1984. This barrier did not stop my growth & development in any way as I am a person of strong will power, determination & positive attitude. Right from childhood I have been very independent learning swimming, music, Casio & making new friends. I follow the example of Helen Keller who overcame all the barriers in life in spite of her disabilities.

I am a topper in B.A. Education from Mumbai University & have completed my M.A. in Education. I have thorough knowledge of computer & computer software with JAWS. With the help of JAWS I use the computer independently although there are some barriers as JAWS is not compatible with graphics, images & codes.  I undertook training for Medical Transcription, Reiki, Typing, Music & at present am working in the State Bank of India, Andheri (West) branch. I look forward to the responsibilities given & accept challenges & don't give up until I succeed.  I have an immense thirst for knowledge. I am always looking for more exposure to learn and grow personally. I would like to bring into the mainstream the knowledge possessed by myself for the benefit of the Blind & the common man working in society.

In spite of my disability I travel independently using all modes of public transportation. I always arrives before time and am very punctual. I independently handle the inquiries of the customers at the branch efficiently. I am very helpful, kind natured, hard  working, ambitious, thoughtful & efficient in my work.  Always open to learn for growth & able to handle all the responsibilities given, I am truthful, trust worthy and honest.

Question : How do you motivate yourself to face the world every morning?
Answer :
I am very courageous, confident and motivated.My family has taught me to be self dependent since from childhood. I enjoy tackling any and all challenges head on.

Question : The kudos palls after a while – so why go on?
Answer : I believe that success is achieved when I am happy with myself, not when people appreciate me and show me pity. I will only be happy when I have achieved my full potential.

Question : It is so easier to accept the pity you are offered than to soldier on at an equal footing. What makes you choose the tougher route, and where do you get the energy to do it?
Answer :
 I do not like anyone showing me pity. Given my belief in my self and self dependence, I know I can achieve anything and everything. I continue to work hard, fight, and grow on a personal level. I want to be the best I can be and this thought continues to motivate me daily.

Question : Do you not often encounter cynicism (external as well as internal)and if yes, how do you cope with it?
Answer :  Yes often people may not wish me well, but that doesn't bother me. As is the case with everything in life, there is the good and the bad. I choose to ignore the bad and solider on with all good thoughts pushing me forward.

Question : What is your current goal? Where are you headed?
Answer : I am aspiring to grow more and more in the banking industry and reach the top of the corporate ladder.

Question : What is your preferred pastime?
Answer :  Watching T. V. Listening to music. reading books. surfing the net, and helping others.

Question  : What kind of music do you like to listen to?
Answer : Hindi songs, especially from the 90's and marathi also clasical as well.

Question : who has been the one significant influence on your life and how,
Answer : I Believe in God and he will do the best for me.

Question : Do you feel loss of vision has been a debilitating factor, in your personal or professional life? If yes,
how do you deal with / overcome the shortcomings?"
Answer : I do not feel so as I can cope with everything or do anything my sighted counterparts can.

Question :How does it feel to encounter blind students?
Answer : They are all like family. We support each other and help each other grow. Often, we serve as motivators for each other as we are all having to deal with similar issues on a daily basis.

Question : Can you say something motivational for our audience, to wrap things up?
Answer : Disabilities create barriers but determination breaks them.


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