Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Blind DO get greeting cards - The Sri Ram School visit to Junta Blind School on Independence Day

One of the things i say when i talk about Esha and the need to sensitise the world is " and the blind never get greeting cards."

But I wont be able to say that any more. The students of Class 7 E of The Sri Ram School, and their teachers, have closed that chapter for me.

The teacher came up with the idea that we should carry something for the students they are going to meet at the Blind School. "Why not tactile greeting cards?"
"Why not, indeed?" The entire class jumped in. Each student had his/her own idea on how to make a card that can be touched instead of read or seen. The message of "Happy Independence Day" was inscribed in Braille using innovative materials.

And every student of the Junta Blind School in Gurgaon got a card that said "Happy Independence Day"

Days like this make Esha worthwhile. Days like this inspire us and keep us going. Days like this leave us speechless and full of gratitude. That is 30 young adults who will remember to design for EVERYone when they grow up. If thats not a blessing, i dont know what is.

Here is the rest of the story, in pictures:

Map of India - made using glue and colored sand filling.

A cross section of the tactile greeting cards. the children tried to indulge every sense in these cards. you can see them, touch them, smell them and also taste them! there was a toffee in most cards. If that is not amazing thinking, i dont know what is.

Happy Independence Day written in Braille using pulses.

 Happy Independence Day in Braille using sequins
The SOIL team with the team of teachers that inspired the 7th class students to do this amazing thing.
thats me with the teachers - completely awed and dumbfounded by the sheer brilliance of what lay on that table.


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