Friday, June 28, 2013

Audio Files for Short Quizzes - Doordarshan, Random History of India, Indus Valley Civilisation.. etc.

Quizzes are a great way to enhance our knowledge, to kill time and to test our awareness. Whether you are just going around or killing time, nothing excites the head like a quick quiz.

Did you know that we have over 20 quizzes in CLABIL? Whats better is that a lot of these quizzes are bi lingual - in english and hindi, so you can learn English as you answer the questions!

Today, we added 2 more quizzes - the hugely popular Open Source Quiz from this blog, and a basic quiz i'd made earlier on Gandhiji.

NB: The Open Source Software quiz and the Gandhi quiz are not available in the online library through the catalog yet. We will take some time to update the catalog. Enjoy them here!

Some of the quizzes we have, with a direct link to the file.

Computer Abbreviations Quiz
The Delhi Quiz
Random History of India
Indus Valley Civilisation
Ladakh and Sikkim
Capitals - India
Indian Folk Crafts
Political Science Question Bank - 15 questions
The Doordarshan Quiz
Abbreviations - Indian Financial Institutions
The Ramayana Quiz
Mughal Empire Quiz
Asian Countries and Capitals
First Aid Quiz
Random Quiz 1
Random Quiz 2
Random Quiz 3
Random quiz 5
Random Quiz 4
solar system
Constitution of India Quiz- Part 2
Constitution of India Quiz- Part 1
General Awareness Quiz
The Open Source Software Quiz
MK Gandhi Quiz

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