Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Open Source Software Quiz

Because we are so excited about the Open Source Training coming up in May 2013, we decided to make this quiz post about Open Source software.

1. Open Source is the same as freeware.

2. Windows and Linux are both open source free Operating Systems.

3. is a website for sharing open source programs.

4. Open Source Programs can run only on Linux or other open source Operating systems.

5. Which of these words is NOT an open source product/ term?
A. Safari
B. Firefox
C. Ubuntu
D. Linux
E. Apache

6. Copyright means that the software should not be freely distributed. What does "copyleft" mean?
A. There is no such term.
B. Copyleft means that the software can be freely redistributed, no restictions.
C. That the software can be freely redistributed, but all modified and extended versions of the software must use the same license.

7. You cannot use Windows and Open Source Software on the same computer.

8. Which of these is a paid software ?
A. LibreOffice
B. Microsoft Office
C. Open Office.

9. Facebook, Google and other sites were possible only because they used open source software for development. This kept their costs low. They still run on open source.

10. What is the name of this cute penguin, the logo of Linux?

A. Linus
B. Rex
C. Tux

Credits: In creating this quiz, i learnt from: (aka, where can you find more fun quizzes)

PS: we have created this quiz. please feel free to record into audio for the Esha beneficiaries, convert it to Indian languages and then record it. In fact, please DO all of the above, and we will be happy.

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Esha - People for the Blind said...

1. Open source is not the same as freeware. Freeware can be used for free but cannot be reistributed or modified. Open Source can be modified but may not always be free.

2. False. Windows is a paid Operating System from Microsoft.

3. True. is a treasure trove of open source software.

4. False. Open Source programs can also run on Windows or other paid Operating Systems. Audacity is one example of an open source software that we use very successfully on Windows. Open Office is another example of open source that is run successfully on Windows. We also use Open Office for Esha transactions.

5. Safari is a licensed browser from Apple Inc. All others are open source products.

6. C: the software can be freely distributed and modified - with the original licence (which, in turn ensures that it will continue to be free and redistributable)

7. False: you can use dual boot in the same computer and use Windows and Open Source together.

8. B: Microsoft Office is a paid software.

9. True. FAcebook is coded in php!

10. C: Tux