Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Year long project at TSRS

Last week, students of Class  at TSRS recorded for the CLABIL project .

The follow up activity was for them to visit an institution. We chose Junta Blind Hostel in Gurgaon.

And on this day, like some other days, i can see the difference Esha makes to real people. To the children who went to that school. They came out thoroughly impressed with the talents and ability of the people they had just visited. Those children came out transformed.
Am very grateful for that.

We'll let pictures do the rest of the talking.

Understanding Computer education - and the concept of screen readers

computer class room - they are being shown how screen readers are used

having fun :)

getting VERY impressed with the fine work involved in chair making and the precision involved.

this was the best part - in the music room, the visitors sang a song that they had prepared for the school. In turn, the school also sang a song that was prepared for the visitors. At the end, both sides were singing with each other :)

learning braille - formally.

group photu at the end. In the pic are Swapna mam who is the class teacher of the class, Narendra sir who runs the Gurgaon institution, and of course, a bunch of very happy kids.


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