Friday, January 25, 2013

John Wood's Leaving Microsoft to change the world

Thank you, Ruchi, for insisting that i should read this book. I have loved it from the first page.

And there is so much to learn from the book - everyday.

I scurry to the book every 10 seconds i get.. between the computer booting up, at the traffic signal, every conceivable place.

So, here is what i have learnt so far.
  • Follow your dream once you have found it. It might take away some other very important things from your life, but it will still be worth it.
  • The happiness you get out of seeing people benefit from your work is immense.
  • This is something that i also believe in a lot - You are just a conduit - the work happens on its own. people will always pitch in when you need help. It will come. Just believe. and wait.
  • Think BIG. Braillecards is India's only service provider for braille cards. We have to convert at least 10% of all cards printed in india to braille. We are getting there, because we knew we were going to be big from the word go. CLABIL is India's biggest online audio library. It will scale up. We will take time, but we know where we're headed. Someday, audio resources will be as diverse as google is today. We'll get there. The design was for a big library, the idea was for consolidation of individual efforts.
Reading this book is a very positive experience. One learns on every page, and more importantly, its like having a conversation with someone whose ideas you understand. The struggles, the inevitable doubt, all of it is inspirational.

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