Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Esha Organisation Presentation is now live

The Esha Organisation Presentation has been a long time coming. It is finally released on Easy to understand, comprehensive and quick. Do check it out:

Friday, September 23, 2016

Online Audio LIbrary updated wiht 100 more files - 5531 files now

In this release, we have added 100 files. This release has the following new additions:
1. Hindi translation of Arthashastra
2. Punjabi stories for children - 3 stories have been added
3. Content from We4You - Oriya academic content
4. Some English novels have been added.

Feel free to browse and see the content here -
Online Audio Library Current interface

Friday, September 9, 2016

Looking for audio quotations in English or Hindi? CLABIL It is!

If you are looking for audio of quotations to suit any occasion, CLABIL - the online audio library,  is just the place to go.

Here is the direct link to files on Quotations on the Esha library:

Quotations on Hope English
quotations for all time - part 1 English
One liners on being women English
Rules for life - 1 Hindi
Quotes about india Hindi
Quotes - 10 Hindi
Quotes - 11 Hindi
Quotations English
Time Management Quotes English
Helen Keller Quotes English
Quotes on Teachers  English
Thoughts for Mothers English
Disability English
January -- Quote for the Day  english
February-- Quote for the Day  english
March - Quote for the Day  english
April- Quote for the Day  english
May- Quote for the Day  english
June- Quote for the Day  english
July- Quote for the Day  english
August- Quote for the Day  english
September- Quote for the Day  english
October- Quote for the Day  english
November- Quote for the Day  english
December- Quote for the Day  english
Quotes Punjabi
Abdul Kalam ke Vaktavya Hindi
Anna Hazare ke anmol vichaar Hindi
Bal Gangadhar Tilak ke anmol vichaar Hindi

Friday, September 2, 2016

Update to online library

Today, we have added some more files to the online library - some more Oriya content of We4You, and 2 new files on the Asaan Ganit series. We have found that the Asaan Ganit series is a rock star series. Students are able to do speed maths in their minds after hearing the files just once. Do give it a shot.

Its fun to see what our listeners like.

As always, please share your feedback. We are now at 5431 files in 18 Indian languages :)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Travelogues from a Wheelchair

So, I am wheelchair bound -inside and outside the house, for at least 3 weeks, owing to a very severe ligament tear.

I could have sat at home and moped about it. (But as you already know, I'm not v good at that). OR, I cld just be my father's daughter. So I decided to do the latter, and explore the world, on a wheelchair.

I m going to chronicle my adventures here, as I move into totally unknown territory. Why? Because I hope, somewhere, that it leads to a more inclusive world. For all of us.

Day 1: I decided to take my son to both his classes. Got the wheelchair out of the house, and into the elevator.
Challenge - elevator door autocloses before the wheelchair can be wheeled in. Solution: My son holds the elevator switch to prevent the wheelchair getting squished.
Problem: The elevator is too small to turn the wheelchair around. Solution: Either I reverse the wheelchair straight out of a narrow lift, or I take help. Fortunately, family and the driver refuse to leave me alone.
Problem: How does the wheelchair go from the porch to the road (a height of about 4 inches) and back?
Solution: The guard helps carry the front wheels both times. Out of kindness. He is not obliged to do this.

I get into the car with relative ease, hopping on one leg and getting in. Once there, I put the injured leg horizontal, as decreed by the doctor.

At the training institute,  I stay inside the car. For an hour.

At the other class, I request them to open the door that has a cemented floor leading to the waiting area, and hop the entire distance on one leg.

Day 2: I decide to go shopping. This time, the wheelchair is added to the car. At the supermarket, I get off and someone has to help me with the wheelchair going up the ramp - its a 30 degree incline and I am too heavy to pull the chair myself.

At the entrance, they have to open the other door to let the  wheelchair through. This is done with no fuss at all. Inside, they assign a shopping assistant , since I can neither use a basket nor a trolley (I might be able to figure this out in a while). We are done with the shopping list in about 5 minutes. People look at me strangely. The shopping assisstant is efficient and quick. The billing counter queue is short and we are out of there in 7 to 8 minutes flat. I try to bring the chair down from the ramp on my own, and drop the purse and phone in the process. The driver refuses to let me try anything more adventurous on a downhill slope, and quietly steers the chair down that ramp. We reach home with no new lessons to learn.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Library Updated

Dear Friends of Esha - we found that there were over 300 repeat entries in the catalog. So we went through a really laborious process of sorting the whole catalog alphabetically and a second step of checking duplicates with spelling mistakes - so that if the same file is in 2 places, we are able to find and delete it.

The entire process took over 200 man hours, but we hope that now, after the second major cleansing in less than 6 months, the catalog is update and clean.

The new release has the following additions:
1. All the summer project content that was found usable. In case of some files, even after noise reduction and editing and amplification, we were just not able to make the files usable. We apologise for their non inclusion in the library.

2. Pratham books has agreed to share some content. That has been added.

3. We4U - A lot of Oriya content has now been shared. We are in the process of adding and cataloguing some more Oriya content. Special thanks to We4You for taking the trouble to categorise and share their content in a way that we can easily upload, catalog and share. We are in the process of cataloguing and the next release should come relatively soon.

We hope you enjoy the content. And as always, please share your thoughts and let us know what else we can add to the library.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Chaurya - The first accessible format film that we know of

Sharing as received on a mailing group:
Chaurya is a Marathi language crime thriller written and directed by  Sameer Asha Patil and produced by Nilesh Navalakha of Navalakha arts.

Navalakha?s earlier films Fandry and Shala have won national awards and  are
> known for their meaningful themes, Chaurya, which is a crime mystery
> thriller, is equally meaningful and exciting and that has attracted the
> producers.

> Chaurya is also India?s first accessible film to release in cinema halls.
> The accessible versions have been created by Kintel Inc and will have
> descriptions for blind and captions for the deaf in Marathi.

> Chaurya is a film that will entertain audiences to the fullest.  A mystery
> thriller of this kind has never been tried in Marathi cinema.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cafe Dissensus - New Issue

This is an online magazine published on issues related to disability.

Sharing in case it is of interest to anyone.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Times Now Independence Day special

"Building a Better India" - pretty much sums up how we feel about the library. The NEED and the passion to put knowledge in the hands of people who will benefit from it.

It doesn't matter how many times you have heard me talk about the library. The passion remains the same. I see pictures of our Outreach happening at various places - and the faces speak for themselves.

Tomorrow, at 4:30 p.m, catch the online library in the feature that talks about building a better India - Times Now - 4:30 p.m. - Building a Better India - Independence Day special. I love that name!